Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

So for my first post, I’d like to share a homemade birthday gift I just finished for my brother-in-law:

A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Guitar Strap

Yep, the’s right. I’m pretty proud of myself, for two main reasons.
1. This was my first attempt at following a crochet pattern, even though it’s relatively simple.
2. This was also my first attempt at making a guitar strap.

So here’s the finished product. Thank you to my husband for modelling.







I know, it’s not perfect, but I still feel pretty good about it.


I also cannot take credit for the pattern. The adaptation I made came from a custom TMNT scarf, by Inspiration Station.
I’m going to be making those scarves too, they’re pretty badass.

Here’s the pattern for the turtle heads:

TMNT Pattern 1

TMNT Instructions 1TMNT Instructions 2TMNT Instructions 3

I joined the heads with black yarn, mainly because I didn’t have, and couldn’t quickly obtain, the turtle shell colour, as in the IS pattern.

I then attached the heads to a strip of leather, and crocheted a black yarn strip the length and width of the leather to make a soft underside and hide the knots from attaching the heads. I stitched the black backer on and hid those knots under the turtle heads.

I then cut out Splinter’s head from a brown swatch of leather and stitched that onto the “adjustment” piece of the strap. I added eyes, a nose, whiskers, and the red collar of his Karate Gi with yarn. Two white stitches to hold the mouth in place acted nicely as rat teeth.


I used an E4/3.50mm hook for the heads and a G/6-4.25mm hook for the black backer.

I used a drill and scissors to make the peg holes (where the strap attaches to the guitar) and the strap adjustment slots.


Hope he likes it!

I’ll answer any questions in the comments below.


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